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Heritage Park Wool Dryer Balls - White / 6 pack

Heritage Park's Wool Dryer Laundry Balls are the perfect alternative solution for your favorite linens and clothing. Hand-made in Nepal of 100% New Zealand Wool, these laundry essentials are eco-friendly, natural, and reusable. No chemicals or dyes are used during the manufacturing process making them a healthier and safer alternative for your family and your laundry items to chemical-filled dryer sheets.

  • X-Large 2.75” Diameter
  • Leave wool balls in the dryer for the ultimate convenience
  • Lasts for over 2 years with regular use
  • Helps your items to dry up to 25% faster

How do dryer balls work?
When you add dryer balls into your dryer, the wool balls bounce around, lifting and separating sheets, towels, and clothing. As everything separates, the flow of air is increased, removing moisture faster, and decreasing drying time. Dryer balls have the additional benefit of softening your items naturally.
*Please Note: DO NOT put wool balls in your washing machine. They are for use in your dryer ONLY.

Why are wool dryer balls better than fabric sheets?
Fabric dryer sheets are single-use disposable products that use chemicals to soften clothing. These chemicals are bad for the environment and your skin. Heritage Park dryer balls last for thousands of loads and are free of any harmful chemicals.